NFL quarterback and multiple Super Bowl champion Tom Brady announced some big news on social media. What did Brady announce?

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Less than two months after he announced his decision to retire after 22 years in the league, Tom Brady said he’s returning for his 23rd season in Tampa.

Former President Barrack Obama revealed he has gotten sick. Which illness did Obama say he has?

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Former President Barack Obama tested positive for Covid-19, sharing to Twitter that the only symptoms he’s experienced so far are a “scratchy throat for a couple days.”

Next week, an actor has been chosen to ride to space with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin flight crew. Which actor will be taken to space?

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Best known for his work on “Saturday Night Live,” Pete Davidson will become the third celebrity to ride into space with Blue Origin.

Which world leader will be virtually addressing Congress in a meeting this week?

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Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has plans to ask for peace – and supplies – in his virtual speech on Wednesday.

A singer has removed their name from the 2022 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ballot after claiming they don’t feel that they “have earned the right.” Which singer removed their nomination?

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Dolly Parton said she hopes that the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame will understand and be willing to consider her in the future.

An athlete was brought to tears after a heckler yelled rude comments at her from the crowd. Which athlete got upset over the heckler?

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A woman in the crowd at the BNP Paribas Open shouted, “Naomi, you suck!” at four-time Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka.

The bracket for the NCAA men’s March Madness tournament was released on Sunday. Which team is NOT one of the four teams that earned themselves no. 1 seeds?

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Gonzaga received the top overall position with Arizona, Kansas and Baylor right behind the Bulldogs—Purdue received a no. 3 seed.

The Biden administration is restoring a state’s authority to set its own car emissions standard, reversing a Trump administration policy. Which state is again going to be allowed to set these emission standards?

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Under this change, California will also soon have the power to impose mandates for so-called zero-emission cars that don’t contribute to global warming.

More than a dozen U.N. agencies and international aid groups are reporting that over 161k people in this country are likely to experience famine in 2022. Which country is expected to deal with this?

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The head of the World Food Program said, “These harrowing figures confirm that we are on a countdown to catastrophe in Yemen and we are almost out of time to avoid it.”

A social media platform has officially been banned from Russia after the country’s communications regulator gave Russians 48-hours to say goodbye to the app. Which social media platform has been banned by Russia?

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As Instagram shuts off at midnight, the country encouraged Russians to switch to Russia's own "competitive internet platforms."

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