Some German states are criminalizing a symbol that is being used to show support for Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Which symbol is being outlawed in parts of Germany?

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Soon, those who display the “Z” symbol as a way to show support for Russia will be prosecuted.

What did former President Donald Trump say happened at one of his golf clubs over the weekend?

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Trump issued a statement confirming that he made a hole-in-one, even revealing the club it took place, the length of the shot, the hole he did it on, and even the type of club he used at the time.

President Joe Biden hosted a prime minister at the White House. Which country’s prime minister visited Biden this past Tuesday?

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Singapore’s PM Lee Hsien Loong met with President Biden to discuss several issues, such as the current war in Ukraine and how Beijing has made territorial claims over a majority of the South China Sea.

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a copyright case over some images created by an iconic artist. Which artist is involved in the copyright dispute?

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The case comes after a photographer noticed Andy Warhol’s piece of musician Prince was based on a photograph she had taken of the singer.

Kim Kardashian has apologized for a controversial comment she made about women. Who was Kim’s upsetting comment directed at?

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While sharing her advice for women in business, people got upset when Kim Kardashian—who has more privilege than most—told women to “Get your (expletive) up and work” because she said, “It seems like nobody wants to work these days.”

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has asked a judge to toss out a paternity case against him after claiming the girl who claims to be his daughter has been doing something illegal. What did Jones say the 25-year-old girl is partaking in?

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Jones says the 25-year-old congressional aide has attempted “multiple monetary extortion attempts” against both him and the Dallas Cowboys franchise.

In India’s capital, hundreds of people are partaking in a nationwide strike. What is the strike over?

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Protesters said economic policies under the current government were hurting both workers and the country's vast unorganized sector.

Which women’s basketball team beat No. 1 ranked North Carolina State in double overtime to make it to the Final Four?

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For a historic 14th straight year, the UConn women’s basketball team is going to the Final Four after beating NC State 91-87 in a double-overtime Elite Eight thriller.

A group of Canadian athletes has asked Sport Canada to launch an investigation into the “toxic culture” within the sport’s national governing body. Which sport would the investigation involve?

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The group of 71 Canadian gymnastics national team members —both former and current— wrote open letters saying they can “no longer sit in silence" over the sport’s toxic culture.

Which company wants to split its stock again so it can be a stick dividend to shareholders?

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Electric car maker Tesla wants “an increase in the number of authorized shares of common stock ... in order to enable a stock split of the Company’s common stock in the form of a stock dividend.”

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