President Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki allegedly plans to leave her job this spring to go to another gig. Which type of job is Psaki moving to next?

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Psaki is going to take an on-air role at MSNBC.

For the first time in a company’s history, employees in NYC have voted to unionize. Which company is dealing with this historic union?

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Amazon warehouse workers in Staten Island, New York have made history as the first successful U.S. organizing effort in the company’s 27-year existence.

Afghanistan's ruling Taliban has announced a ban on harvesting a certain type of crop. What type of crop did the Taliban put a ban on?

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The Taliban warned farmers that they would burn their crops and jail them if they continue to harvest poppies, which is a drug crop that produces opium.

Sarah Palin, the former Governor of Alaska, has announced a new political campaign. What is Palin running for?

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Sarah Palin is running a campaign for Alaska’s Congress seat that Rep. Don Young just vacated.

Along with the No. 1 seed Kansas, which other college basketball team has won their way to the NCAA March Madness championship game?

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No. 8 North Carolina beat Duke 81-77 to advance to play Kansas for the NCAA title.

A country has become the first of the 27 European Union nations to cut itself off entirely from gas imports from Russia. Which EU country has become the first to break its Russian gas dependence?

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Lithuania has “has completely abandoned Russian gas” because of “Russia’s energy blackmail in Europe and the war in Ukraine.”

This past weekend, a singer was honored with the Global Impact Award at the Grammy’s Black Music Collective event. Which singer was honored at this event?

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Multi-Grammy winner John Legend said Black music culture has shaped him and “so much of the world’s popular music.”

Trains across the Netherlands were halted this Sunday after a problem arose. What caused the temporary delay?

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The national rail network faced the problem over a software glitch that show no indications of being caused by a cyberattack.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced new fuel economy requirements. What is the average miles per gallon of gasoline new vehicles sold in the U.S. will have to have by 2026?

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There will be a 40 miles per gallon minimum in four years in order to help reduce gas consumption.

Two types of Suave aerosol antiperspirant sprays have been voluntarily recalled after high levels of an unsafe chemical. What chemical was involved in the recalls?

Tuva Mathilde Loland/Unsplash Stock
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Elevated levels of a cancer-causing chemical, benzene, were found in some product samples.

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