Which golfer won the 2022 Masters golf tournament?

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Scottie Scheffler golfed 10-under for the tournament and claimed his first major title.

Florida activist groups are warning spring breakers of mass overdoses involving a certain type of drug while hanging out in the sunshine state. What drug are the groups warning Florida spring breakers to keep an eye out for?

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The warning comes weeks after a group of West Point cadets on spring break in South Florida were sickened by fentanyl-laced cocaine at a house party.

The CDC warned residents in a U.S. state of a meningococcal disease outbreak that primarily affects gay and bisexual men. Which state is experiencing the meningococcal outbreak?

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The issued health warning for Florida residents is said to especially affect those living with HIV.

After a walkout by lawmakers from ousted Premier Imran Khan’s party, Pakistan’s parliament elected a new prime minister. Who did Pakistan’s parliament elect as the country’s new prime minister?

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Pakistan’s parliament elected opposition lawmaker Shahbaz Sharif, who happens to be the brother of a former Prime Minister.

China has made a semi-secret delivery of missiles to a country this weekend. Which country received the delivery of Chinese missiles?

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Six Chinese Air Force transport planes landed in Serbia, bringing Russia’s ally surface-to-air missile systems.

A former celebrity couple’s $50 million libel case has begun this week. Which former couple’s libel case is it?

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Movie stars Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continue their divorce six years later with the libel case that features a line of star-studded witnesses on each side.

After just joining Twitter’s board and becoming the biggest stakeholder in the social media company, Tesla CEO Elon Musk Tweeted out a poll that called out Twitter’s headquarters. The tweet asked to convert Twitter’s HQ into what?

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Musk’s tweet included a poll option with the words “Convert Twitter SF HQ to homeless shelter since no one shows up anyway.”

Amazon is seeking to overturn the company’s union win, claiming something went wrong. What does Amazon say went wrong with the newly formed union?

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Amazon wants to redo the election after the historic union victory at one of its New York City warehouses, claiming that union organizers and the National Labor Relations Board tainted the voting results.

ABC is getting rid of a television series and the show will be moved to Disney+. Which show is moving from ABC to streaming on Disney+?

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After 30 seasons, DWTS will no longer air on ABC due to low ratings and backlash over Tyra Banks as host.

Which city’s airport has earned itself the title of the world’s busiest airport this year?

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Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is once again the world's busiest airport, knocking Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in China to the no. 2 spot.

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