UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been fined by the police. What was PM Johnson fined for?

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Boris Johnson was fined after a police investigation found that there were illegal parties and gatherings held at his residence and other government premises during the United Kingdom’s COVID-19 lockdowns.

New York Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin has been arrested. What has Benjamin been arrested over?

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Benjamin has resigned after being caught getting campaign contributions from a real estate developer in exchange for the Lt. Governors' word to use his influence to get $50,000 in state funds for the developer's nonprofit organization.

Video game developer Epic Games received $2 billion in investments. What is the video game company planning to use the $2 billion investment for?

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The metaverse development will create “new social entertainment exploring the connection between digital and physical worlds.”

The Atlanta Dream had the no. 1 pick in the 2022 WNBA draft. Who did the Dream choose with their no. 1 pick?

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University of Kentucky guard Rhyne Howard called it "a sigh of relief and a dream come true."

What happened to Kelsey Ballerini, one of the CMT Award hosts, hours before the award show began?

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As Kelsea Ballerini tested positive for COVID-19 hours before the show, her co-host Anthony Mackie led the show, with Ballerini co-hosting the show virtually from her home.

Thousands of sellers on a website are going on a week-long strike over increased fees with the site. Which company is dealing with a strike?

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Etsy sellers who use the site to sell their handmade goods are shutting down their online shops for the week to strike.

Colombian police confiscated over 1,000 things in an anti-smuggling operation supported by a U.S. government agency. Over 1,000 of what items were found and taken in this bust?

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During the operation supported by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, the 1,000+ animals rescued included birds, starfish and tarantulas.

The University of Southern California is suing two people for causing "terror and disruption." What type of people is USC suing?

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The school claims the YouTubers created panic during three "classroom takeover incidents" after barging into the classrooms to film prank videos.

North Korea is destroying a South-Korean-owned establishment, marking the second confirmed case of South Korean assets being removed in an area the two rivals used to run a joint program tour. What type of South-Korean establishment is North Korea destroying next?

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The demolition of the South Korean-owned golf course — located at a scenic mountain resort — comes as ties between the two remain strained over the series of missile tests North Korea has recently done.

Which professional sports league is creating its own streaming platform for sports content and some live games?

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FIFA's streaming service is starting off free of charge.

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