Who has won France’s presidential election?

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Emmanuel Macron earned 58.55% of the vote to beat far-right candidate Marine Le Pen.

Donald Trump said someone is “whipped” by his wife like “no person I have ever seen.” Who did Trump say is “whipped” by his wife?

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In an interview with Piers Morgan, Trump said “Harry is whipped” by his wife Meghan Markle and that they should be stripped of their royal titles.

An online streaming service is shutting down after debuting only a month ago. Which streaming platform is shutting down so quickly?

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CNN+ debuted on March 29th and will officially shut down on April 30th.

The governor of a U.S. state has signed emergency declarations over multiple wildfires in the state. Which U.S. state had emergency declarations over the wildfires?

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New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and her state are facing 20 wildfires in 33 counties.

The Supreme Court will take on a case between public school officials and a former high school football coach. What is the dispute over?

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The Supreme Court will take on the dispute that involves a former HS football coach who would kneel at the center of the field following games and lead students in prayer.

A man was arrested for allegedly threatening to bomb the dictionary company Merriam-Webster’s office over some of the publisher’s definitions. What definitions did the man make threats to the dictionary publisher over?

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The 34-year-old man from California was charged with one count of interstate communication of threats to commit violence after he got upset over the definitions for “Girl” and “Woman.”

The European Union has passed a historic law that would hold something accountable for illegal and harmful content. Under the new EU law, who would be held accountable?

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The new legislation would pressure big tech giants to enforce illegal content on their social media platforms or potentially face billions in fines.

A late playwright’s work has been donated to the Library of Congress. Which late playwright had his work donated to the Library of Congress?

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Over 7,000 items, including notebooks, scripts, speeches, and even signed baseballs owned by the Neil Simon, have been donated.

The Arlington County Board has given Amazon approval to build a unique shaped building for the company’s second headquarters. What type of building shape has Amazon been approved to build?

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The helix-shaped tower will be 350-feet and will be the workspace for more than 25,000 workers when it's built.

The world’s oldest verified person has died in Japan. How old was the world’s oldest person before she died?

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Kane Tanaka was born in 1903 and was 119 years old.

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