President Joe Biden has asked Congress for $33 billion for _______. Fill in the blank.

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Biden is seeking a $33 billion supplemental funding bill in order to continue “to support Ukraine in this fight for freedom” over the next several months.

Disney’s self-governing district, Reedy Creek, said Florida could not dissolve it without doing something first. What did Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District say Florida must do before it can legally dissolve it?

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Reedy Creek Improvement District said Florida's move to dissolve the district next year is not legal unless the sunshine state pays off Reedy Creek's extensive debts.

The Food and Drug Administration plans to ban ______ in cigarettes and cigars. Fill in the blank.

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The FDA has attempted several times to get rid of menthol, however, the U.S. government has shared its long-awaited plan to ban menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars.

Which NHL team was eliminated and will miss the Stanley Cup playoffs for the first time in franchise history?

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Since being created back in 2017, the Golden Knights have been eliminated from the NHL postseason for the first time.

In part of a U.S. state, a gigantic water supplier is requiring about 6 million people to cut their outdoor watering to one day a week. In which state have citizens been told to dramatically cut their water supply?

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The board of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California declared a water shortage emergency and will give out hefty fines for those who don’t follow the orders.

According to a new assessment of thousands of species, more than 1 in 5 species of an animal are threatened with extinction. One-fifth of which type of animals face extinction?

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With over 10,196 reptile species analyzed, 21% percent of them were classified as endangered in the assessment done in the journal Nature.

Two people have been arrested for allegedly spying for North Korea in a country. Which country were the two people allegedly spying for North Korea in?

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A South Korean army captain and a businessman have been accused of stealing military secrets while following orders of a North Korean spy.

A country has granted an internet service company and an autonomous car company permits to provide driverless taxis to the public. Which country has given permission for driverless taxis?

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China’s permits still require a safety supervisor in the front seat of the cars, however, they allow the companies to offer self-driving rides without a safety driver in emergency situations.

A senior Australian minister has accused _______ of deliberately announcing something during an election campaign to undermine her government’s chance of reelection. Fill in the blank.

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China has been accused of revealing the news of its security pact with the Solomon Islands and interfering with the Australian election.

A country has arrested a Russian man and a Belarusian man for alleged spying. Which country arrested these alleged Russian and Belarusian spies?

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Poland security authorities said the men were gathering sensitive military information, including Polish troops’ presence near Poland’s shared border with Belarus.

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