A highly contagious new strain of avian flu that has killed hundreds of birds in the U.S. has been detected in something else. What has avian flu been detected in?

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The bird flu was detected in a human for the first time in the U.S. — The man found with the strain was working on a commercial farm and was involved in the process of culling poultry.

A TV host announced he is leaving his talk show in 2023. Which TV host is leaving his show?

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James Corden will no longer host “The Late Late Show” and said it will “be a good time to move on and see what else might be out there.”

Which college football player was by the Jacksonville Jaguars at the no. 1 pick in the 2022 NFL draft?

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Defensive End Travon Walker, who played for the Georgia Bulldogs, was drafted into a team that has lost 10 or more games in 10 of the past 11 seasons.

A member of a music duo died this past weekend. Which music duo lost a member?

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Just a day before they were set to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, The Judds, Naomi Judd died at age 76.

Indian authorities have seized $725 million from a Chinese company after accusing it of breaking India’s foreign exchange laws. What type of Chinese company has India seized $725 million from?

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Allegedly, the Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi, had made illegal remittances to foreign entities by passing them off as royalty payments.

After finding out hackers successfully targeted it, Google has warned users of one of its programs. Which one of Google’s programs was hacked?

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Those that use Google Chrome as an internet browser are at high risk of having their information being compromised.

Japan’s Prime Minister met with leaders from another country to discuss the war in Ukraine, where they agreed on the rejection of the use of force. Which country has agreed with Japan to reject the use of force?

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Japan's Prime Minister and Vietnamese leaders agreed on respect for international law.

A celebrity surprised a music festival audience when he hopped on stage during Thomas Rhett’s performance at Stagecoach Festival. Which celebrity joined Rhett on stage?

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Rhett’s longtime friend Ashton Kutcher performed a rendition of Garth Brooks' hit “Friends In Low Places.”

In response to a tweet about her disapproval over Elon Musk buying Twitter, Musk responded with, “stop hitting on me, I’m really shy.” Who did Musk send this response tweet to?

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Musk put a blushing smiley Emoji at the end of his tweet to U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

A company announced it is allowing its employees to be located anywhere in the country they currently work in. Which company announced they’ll continue to let their employees live and work anywhere?

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Airbnb is moving to a remote work model as “The world is becoming more flexible about where people can work.”

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