A country’s leaders said their country will apply to join NATO “without delay.” Which country is set to apply to NATO?

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Finland's President and Prime Minister said they “hope that the national steps still needed to make this decision will be taken rapidly within the next few days.”

Costa Rica has declared a state of emergency. What is the cause for Costa Rica’s state of emergency declaration?

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Ransomware hackers have hit computer networks across multiple government agencies in Costa Rica.

Which country has just confirmed its first-ever case of COVID-19?

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Kim Jong Un imposed a nationwide lockdown due to North Korea’s first acknowledged COVID-19 case.

A federal appeals court ruling is allowing a new law that will allow any state resident banned from social media platforms for their political views to sue. Which state is this new social media law taking effect (for now)?

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The (controversial) Texas law will go into effect while judges weigh an appeal to the lower court decision.

The Senate has confirmed Lisa Cook to make history and serve on the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors. Cook is making history as the first what on the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors?

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Vice President Kamala Harris broke the tie to get the first Black woman on this specific board.

The NBA has announced new trophies that honor iconic players such as Magic Johnson, Bob Cousy, and Oscar Robertson. Which other iconic player has the NBA announced a new award that honors him?

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This season, a player will be given the first Larry Bird Eastern Conference Finals MVP award.

Barbie announced the launch of a new doll that made history for the doll company. For the first time, there will be a Barbie with which of the following?

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The doll will have pink, behind-the-ear hearing aids.

President Joe Biden has given Donald Trump a new nickname in a speech at a convention for electrical workers. What new nickname did President Biden give to Trump?

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Biden called him “the great MAGA king” as he criticized Republicans ahead of the midterm elections.

Delaware’s Attorney General is asking for a federal civil rights review over a recent incident where a bus was stopped and searched by police. Who was on the bus?

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The bus was carrying members of the women's lacrosse team of Delaware State University—a historically Black university—those on the bus say the stop was racial profiling.

Apple has discontinued one of its products. Which Apple product has been discontinued?

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The tech company discontinued the iconic iPod touch, which will now only be available in stores “while supplies last.”

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