After just announcing they were banning exports of wheat out of the country, India said it would keep a window open to export wheat to ________. Fill in the blank.

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India said it’s keeping an open mind when it comes to exporting wheat to food-deficit countries.

Someone has predicted Elon Musk will not actually buy Twitter and urged people to go to a different social media platform. Who claims Musk won’t buy Twitter?

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Donald Trump wants people to use Truth Social’s social media platform instead.

A chain restaurant revealed it had started the process of selling its Russian business. Which restaurant announced it is selling its Russian businesses?

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The fast-food chain is getting rid of its 850 restaurants as it revealed doing business in Russia “is no longer tenable, nor is it consistent with McDonald’s values.”

An airline is attempting to buy Spirit Airlines for the third time. Which airline is trying to buy the budget airline Spirit?

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JetBlue’s latest offer is a hostile takeover bid that urges Spirit shareholders to reject the company’s $2.9 billion merger that’s supposed to happen with Frontier.

Which NFL game analyst is no longer a part of NBC’s broadcasts?

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Former NFL quarterback Drew Brees is no longer with NBC after being an analyst for only a single season.

Hired hackers tried, and failed, to hack a nation’s voting system ahead of an election this October. Which country had hackers attempted to infiltrate their voting system?

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The hackers gathered in the Brazilian electoral authority’s headquarters for 3-days as part of planned testing regarding the system’s reliability.

After a shooting, the mayor of Chicago has banned unaccompanied minors from visiting a tourist attraction after 6 p.m. Thursday through Sunday. Which Chicago spot are unaccompanied minors no longer allowed to visit?

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After a 16-year-old was tragically killed near Millennium Park, unaccompanied minors can't visit the area at the named times.

A country’s government said it would help pay lower-income families to get rid of their old gas cars and replace them with cleaner hybrid or electric cars. Which country announced they would help some people pay for cleaner cars?

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This move is a part of New Zealand's countrywide plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Who was awarded the Icon Award at this weekend’s Billboard Music Awards?

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In her speech, Mary J. Blige said she’s “been on this journey for a long time, one that didn't always look the way you see me now.”

After three shootings, the mayor of Milwaukee has imposed a temporary rule. What is the temporary rule?

St. Louis County Police Department via Getty Images
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Anyone younger than 21 will have a curfew beginning at 11 p.m. for two nights.

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