What is the name of the Tropical Storm that has formed in the Gulf of Mexico?

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Tropical Storm Alex is the first named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season.

Which television show swept the MTV Movie & TV Awards with four wins, including best show?

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images for MTV
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The HBO teen show “Euphoria” also won best fight, best “hookup,” and best performance in a show.

Which country’s prime minister faced a no-confidence vote on whether or not he’s fit for the position?

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The vote involving Prime Minister Boris Johnson was triggered when a 15 percent threshold of Conservative lawmakers in the U.K.’s House of Commons decided they no longer trusted him to lead the country.

The State of Florida is threatening to fine an organization $27 million over a COVID-19 vaccine requirement. What group is Florida threatening to fine?

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The Florida Department of Health threatened the Special Olympics with a fine of $27 million in a letter that said its vaccine requirement conflicted with Florida law.

Muslim nations are slamming a country after its top officials made derogatory remarks about Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. Which country’s officials made these statements?

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So far, at least five Arab nations have lodged official protests against India over the remarks.

The U.S. has reported the first positive orthopox, a potential monkeypox case in a resident who recently traveled to Europe. Where was this case reported?

CDC/Getty Images
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D.C. Health said it sent samples to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to test for monkeypox.

Elon Musk posted a vulgar tweet about someone during an online feud. Who was the target of Musk’s tweet?

Theo Wargo/Getty Images for TIME
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Musk hit back at Bill Gates after the Microsoft founder commented during an interview that he had put more money toward climate change than Musk or anyone else.

Australia said a fighter jet did maneuvers that threatened the safety of one of its maritime surveillance planes and forced it to return to base. Which country did Australia say the jet belonged to?

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Australia’s Prime Minister said a Chinese J-16 intercepted one of their P-8A Poseidon surveillance aircraft doing a routine patrol.

Which two airlines are in a bidding war over Spirit Airlines?

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
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Both JetBlue and Frontier recently upped their offers to acquire Spirit Airlines.

A spell-off decided the 2022 Scripps National Spelling Bee. How many words did the winner spell correctly in 90 seconds?

Alex Wong/Getty Images
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Vikram Raju ended the round with 15 confirmed correctly spelled words, but Harini Logan won with 22 words.

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