First Lady Jill Biden has unveiled a postage stamp honoring _______. Who is the honoree? (Fill in the blank.)

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Jill Biden said she wanted Nancy Reagan on the forever first-class stamp because she was a first lady who “made such a difference.”

What was the outcome of the no-confidence vote involving British Prime Minister Boris Johnson?

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Boris Johnson will stay in power as conservative members of parliament voted 211-148 in his favor.

A store chain is canceling orders from a number of its suppliers and cutting prices of goods in order to clear out unwanted inventory. Which retailer is taking these steps?

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Target is canceling orders from its suppliers, specifically in the home and clothing departments.

Paramount Pictures has been sued over their “Top Gun: Maverick” sequel. What did a family sue the movie studio for?

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The family of the author whose article inspired the 1986 “Top Gun” has sued for copyright infringement, claiming that Paramount failed to reacquire the rights to the ‘80s article before releasing the 2022 sequel.

The governor of which state has signed a bill that raises the age to own a semi-automatic rifle to 21 years?

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New York’s new law marks one of the first acts of major gun control by a U.S. state as the country faces a wave of mass shootings.

A Carolina Panthers cheerleader has made NFL history. What did the Panthers cheerleader do?

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Justine Lindsay is the first openly transgender cheerleader in NFL history.

A country is testing out a four-day work week in the biggest trial of its kind. In which country are about 3,000 workers trying a shorter work week?

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Thousands of UK workers at 70 companies will receive no cut in their pay during the four-day work week test run.

An Australian court has ordered Google to pay $515,000. What for?

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The court ordered Google to pay a former politician the money over two defamatory YouTube videos.

Along with Michigan, what other state most recently saw its average price of gas exceed $5 a gallon?

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While the national average jumped to $4.87 a gallon, Michigan and Indiana have joined the states where the average price is above five bucks.

Who will headline a dinner for South Carolina Democrats?

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Current Vice President Kamala Harris will be the keynote speaker at the dinner.

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