The Biden Administration is releasing rules that will require ________ every 50 miles on federal highways. What will be required? (Fill in the blank).

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By 2030, President Joe Biden has pledged to have 500,000 charging stations for electric vehicles in place, many along highways.

Which professional golfer has withdrawn from the U.S. Open?

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Tiger Woods said that his damaged right leg needs more time to heal in order for him to contend in the majors.

An armed man arrested near a government official’s home admitted to intending to kill the occupant. Who was his target?

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The man was arrested near Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s Maryland home.

The FBI has seized data from a retired U.S. general that is related to illegal lobbying in a foreign country. Which country did the data relate to?

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The data includes “incriminating” documents about the general’s previous role in an illegal foreign lobbying campaign for Qatar.

Who is set to testify under oath on July 15 in the New York attorney general’s investigation into former President Donald Trump’s business practices?

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Donald Trump himself is scheduled to testify for Letitia James’ investigation.

Velveeta food brand has revealed a new non-edible product. What is it?

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Nail polish – but it’s no ordinary polish, it’s cheese-scented.

President Joe Biden went on a talk show and got grilled by the host on why he hasn’t issued an executive order on gun control. Which host did this?

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President Joe Biden told Jimmy Kimmel that he's done everything “within the power of the presidency” on gun control and that he doesn't want “to emulate Trump's abuse of the Constitution and Constitutional authority.”

The Grammys had added five new categories for its award show. Name one of the new categories.

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Along with songwriter of the year, the Grammys also added the following awards: best spoken word poetry album, best alternative music performance, best Americana music performance, and best soundtrack for video games.

Washington, D.C.’s City Council has passed a bill that would prohibit employees from punishing or firing employees who do which of the following?

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The new bill, which is awaiting approval by D.C.’s mayor, would ban employers from punishing and/or firing employees who use marijuana or test positive for it.

In Game 3 of the NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors had to pause their pregame warm ups. What caused that pause?

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The rim at Boston's TD Garden was a few inches too high.

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