Crimes of what type have reached their highest level in the U.S. in more than a decade?

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Hate crimes are on the rise, and the federal government recorded the highest number of hate-motivated killings last year since the FBI started collecting data in the 1990s.

A racing animal of what kind was bought for a record price of $1.9 million?

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A Belgian-bred pigeon fetched a king’s ransom from a Chinese buyer who bid under the pseudonym “Super Duper,” edging out another bidder calling himself “Hitman.”

The interim president of which country resigned just five days after his inauguration?

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Peruvians celebrated in the streets after Manuel Merino announced in a televised address that he was stepping down.

Who won the 2020 Icon Award at the E! People’s Choice Awards?

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J.Lo was moved to tears accepting the trophy, despite knowing since September 30 that she had won. She was honored for “iconic performances both on stage and on screen.”

Which university faced allegations that it ignored sexual assault accusations against star football players?

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LSU officials ignored rape allegations against marquee players and denied victims’ requests for protection, according to a USA Today exposé.

U.S. safety regulators are investigating consumer complaints about dangerous failures of which Tesla car feature?

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Tesla’s giant touchscreens attracted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s attention following reports of failures that made backup cameras useless.

A jetliner struck and killed what type of animal while landing in Alaska at night?

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An airport crew had cleared the runway 10 minutes before an Alaskan Airlines Boeing 737-700 touched down. A brown bear found its way onto the landing strip anyway.

Which restaurant chain put beer on its menu for the first time?

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Waffle House is collaborating with Oconee Brewing Company to sell a red ale that’s 6.5% alcohol and smells like bacon.

Which biotechnology company announced an experimental Covid-19 vaccine that it says is 94.5% effective?

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Moderna’s results came only one week after competitor Pfizer announced that its own vaccine was 90% effective in human trials.

Which company is hiking its prices, making it the most expensive cable streaming service?

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Hulu told customers that their plans will be 18% more expensive beginning in December. The top ad-free package will cost $79.

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