A celebrity was shoved to the ground by officers as she participated in a protest in Los Angeles this past weekend. Which celebrity was roughly handled by officers at a protest?

Sean Rayford/Getty Images
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A spokeswoman for the “Full House” actress said Jodie Sweetin is “OK” after the encounter with LA officers — which was caught on video.

A U.S. politician was slapped on the back inside a supermarket. Who was slapped?

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Rudy Giuliani, a former mayor of New York, was slapped while taking pictures with people and handing out flyers for his son, who is running for governor.

Which NHL team won the Stanley Cup title?

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The Colorado Avalanche won the trophy after beating Tampa Bay in Game 6.

The Supreme Court has sided with a former high-school football coach who lost his job. What did the former coach do to lose his job, but get the Supreme Court to back him?

Adam Szuscik/Unsplash
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The Supreme Court felt the coach's 50-yard-line prayers were a private matter and did not amount to the school’s endorsement of Christianity.

This past weekend, the just-released “Elvis” biopic tied with another movie at the box office. Which film earned the same box-office sales as “Elvis”?

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Both the movie about The King and “Top Gun: Maverick” brought in an estimated $30.5 million in weekend ticket sales.

Which college baseball team won the College World Series title?

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Ole Miss has won a national championship after beating Oklahoma in the last game.

A country's top official has urged China and Russia to persuade North Korea not to conduct a widely expected nuclear test. Which country is the top official from?

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images
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A top South Korean official said North Korea is increasingly targeting his country with its nuclear arms program, which is why he is urging China and Russia to intervene.

What caused one of Iran's major steel companies to halt production?

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A cyberattack was apparently unsuccessful, given how quickly the company detected the threat.

During the 2022 BET Awards, a celebrity came out of hiding to give a speech. Which celebrity made a surprise appearance at the BET Awards?

Bogomil Mihaylov/Unsplash Stock
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Kanye West unexpectedly returned to the spotlight to pay tribute to Diddy, who was a Lifetime Achievement honoree at the show.

More than 200 people were injured after an accident occurred in Colombia at which type of event?

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Along with the hundreds of injuries, at least six people died after several stands collapsed while watching a bullfight.

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