Which biotech firm announced that its new COVID-19 vaccine is more than 90% effective?

Matt Jelonek/Getty Images
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Novavax said it enrolled nearly 30,000 participants across 119 sites in the United States and Mexico for the tests.

Which breed of dog won the 145th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show?

Marliese Streefland/Unsplash
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A 13 ½-pound Pekingese named Wasabi won Best in Show at the nation’s most famous dog show.

Which NBA player was ejected from a playoff after a "flagrant-2" foul?

Tim Hart/Unsplash
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Denver Nuggets player and league MVP Nikola Jokic was ejected from the game against the Phoenix Suns after taking a swing in frustration at Suns guard Cameron Payne.

What did a town in Florida sell in an accidental real estate transaction?

Tierra Mallorca/Unsplash
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A businessman purchased a municipal building underneath the Brooksville water tower last April.

Which store was fined $1.3m over a spying campaign in France?

Tobias Tullius/Unsplash
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A French court ordered Ikea to pay fines for spying on union reps, employees and unhappy customers.

Microsoft is releasing what unique new product?

Photo by Corentin Detry/Pexels
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The Xbox Mini-Fridge, which is shaped like the Xbox Series X, will be available this holiday season.

Who is the latest guest host for “Jeopardy”?

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"Today" co-anchor Savannah Guthrie is the latest journalist to guest host the show. She follows former "Today" host Katie Couric, CNN stalwart Anderson Cooper and Bill Whitaker.

A new video game based on which Marvel movie has been announced?

Erik Mclean/Unsplash
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Marvel Games and Square Enix confirmed rumors of a "Guardians of the Galaxy" video game.

Which Oscar-nominated actor died?

Promo material/Public Domain
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Ned Beatty, 83, was in “Deliverance,” “Network” and “Superman.”

Former players from which college football team say they were sexually assaulted by an ex-team doctor?

Dave Adamson/Unsplash
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Former football players from the University of Michigan appealed for "immediate action ahead of this week's Board of Regents meeting.”

2021-06-16 Smarter News Quiz: Corporate Espionage, Covid Vaccines and Marvel
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