What was billionaire Elon Musk’s most recent move in his deal to buy social-media company Twitter?

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Elon Musk called off his deal to buy the social-media company as Twitter failed to provide Musk with information about fake or spam accounts.

A singer has postponed his tour for three weeks in order to focus on his mental health. Which singer postponed his tour?

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Canadian singer Shawn Mendes shared a statement on social media that he had “hit a breaking point” and needed to postpone as “the toll of the road and the pressure has caught up to me.”

A country’s president and prime minister have both agreed to step down amid angry protests. Which country’s top leaders will step down from their positions?

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Protesters said they are going to continue to occupy the Sri Lankan presidential and prime ministerial residences until both leaders officially resign later this week.

A country’s former prime minister was assassinated while giving a speech at the end of last week. Which country’s former PM was killed?

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Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated by a man with a homemade weapon because he believed Abe was linked to a group he hated.

A country was hit by a massive internet and mobile outage this past weekend. Which country dealt with this outage?

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Canada's largest mobile and internet provider suffered an outage, which caused disruptions in everything from personal phones to bank ATMs and emergency service hotlines.

A 1980’s song has seen a 650 percent streaming bump since it was used in the season finale of “Stranger Things.” Which group has seen a massive rise in streaming, thanks to the Netflix show?

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Metallica's “Master of Puppets” was used for a climactic moment in the last episode.

Who won the Wimbledon women’s title?

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Elena Rybakina earned her victory over Ons Jabeur after a two-hour game.

The Asian gambling center of Macao is closing all of its casinos for a week. Why is Macau shutting casinos for a week?

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Macao is shutting its casinos for a week in an attempt to restrict people to their homes as a way to contain a COVID-19 outbreak.

A car company is expanding a recall of SUVs, telling owners to park them outside because of engine fire risk. Which automaker’s SUVs have a problem?

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Ford is recalling another 100,000 SUVs in the U.S.

A country’s former president has died at the age of 100. Which country did he run?

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The cause of death for former Mexican President Luis Echeverria has not yet been provided.

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