A former President Trump aide finally agreed to testify before the Jan. 6 committee. Who has agreed?

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Steve Bannon’s willingness to testify comes after he received a letter from Donald Trump waiving any executive privilege.

Republicans in a U.S. state fired their chairman at a state convention. Which state’s Republican GOP got axed at a convention?

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Nebraska Republicans fired their longtime party chairman Dan Welch, as many in the party want to take the party further to the right.

Which movie topped the North American box office this past weekend?

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“Thor: Love and Thunder” brought in $143 million in its opening weekend.

A British Cabinet member thought to be a front-runner after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation has taken himself out of the leadership race. Which British Cabinet member did so?

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Defense Minister Ben Wallace said he will not be running to replace Boris Johnson as Conservative leader.

A new U.S. state law has made it illegal to record police officers within 8 feet after a verbal warning. Which state made this law?

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House Bill 2319 was signed by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and is enforced while police are conducting “law enforcement activity.”

President Joe Biden will visit a specific country next week. In which country will the President visit with top leaders?

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President Biden defended his trip to Saudi Arabia, calling it an opportunity to “reorient — but not rupture — relations with a country that’s been a strategic partner for 80 years.”

Which NASCAR driver won the Quaker State 400?

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Chase Elliott earned his third victory of 2022.

Which celebrity golfed their way to win the American Century Celebrity Championship?

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Ex-NFL quarterback Tony Romo took the win even after Mark Mulder held the lead for most of the play.

A small European country’s top court has ruled bans on same-sex couples getting married and adopting children are unconstitutional. Which European country’s top court struck down the bans?

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The top court in Slovenia ordered its parliament to amend the law within six months to guarantee same-sex marriage and adoptions.

A reality TV star is set to plead guilty to criminal charges stemming from an alleged telemarketing scheme. In which TV show does the star appear?

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“Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star Jennifer Shah — along with others — was accused of carrying out a wide-ranging telemarketing scheme that defrauded hundreds of people.

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