A country’s weather authorities have issued their first “red” warning for extreme heat. Which country is expected to deal with “red” levels of extreme heat?

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The British government prepared for temperatures of around 104 Fahrenheit by holding an emergency response meeting to plan how to handle the extreme heat.

The Jan. 6 committee investigating the attack on the U.S. Capitol announced it issued a new subpoena for certain records. What type of records has the committee issued a subpoena for?

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The subpoena for records involves the United States Secret Service and deleted text messages.

A medical examiner has revealed the cause of death for Ivana Trump. What was her cause of death?

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Ivana Trump died due to accidental blunt impact injuries to the torso.

Which country swept the men’s 100-meter final at the track and field world championships?

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Runner Fred Kerley, 27, led the first American sweep in the event since 1991.

President Joe Biden has pledged the U.S. won’t “walk away” from __________. Fill in the blank.

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After his first trip to the Middle East, President Biden said, “it is only becoming clearer to me how closely interwoven our interests are with the successes of the Middle East,” and that “We will not walk away and leave a vacuum to be filled by China, Russia or Iran.”

Which country is dealing with flash floods in some regions?

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The flash floods in China left at least a dozen dead and caused at least 1,300 people to be evacuated.

Knott’s Berry Farm amusement park in California had to shut down early this past Saturday night. What caused Knott’s Berry Farm to shut down early?

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Multiple fights were reported at the park. One individual said they saw “people fighting and hitting security,” as well as “people on the floor bleeding. It was like a riot. It was bad.”

A sport’s major league will pay $185 billion to settle a lawsuit involving players in their minor league. Which major league will pay billions to settle a lawsuit?

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Major League Baseball agreed to pay about 23,000 minor leaguers to settle a federal lawsuit that alleged violations surrounding minimum wage laws.

A company has acquired an animation studio and will soon make its own content. Which company bought an animation studio?

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Nintendo has bought Dynamo Pictures and plans to rename it to “Nintendo Pictures” to develop “visual content utilizing Nintendo IP.”

A consumer is suing a candy maker, claiming its product contains a “known toxin” that makes the candies “unfit for human consumption.” Which candy has been called “unfit for human consumption”?

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The lawsuit against candy maker Mars claims Skittles are unsafe for consumers because they contain increased levels of titanium dioxide, used to produce Skittles’ rainbow of artificial colors.

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