In a recent speech, what has North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said he’s ready to do?

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Kim Jong Un said: “Our armed forces are completely prepared to respond to any crisis, and our country’s nuclear war deterrent is also ready to mobilize its absolute power dutifully, exactly and swiftly in accordance with its mission.”

The Biden administration took a new step to try and bring back WNBA’s Brittney Griner and jailed American Paul Whelan home from Russia. What has the Biden administration done?

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The Biden administration “put a substantial proposal on the table” — the specific details of the proposed deal with Russia are still unknown.

Donald Trump has threatened a company with a lawsuit. Which company has Trump threatened to sue?

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The former president revealed plans to file a lawsuit against CNN “over their repeated defamatory statements” against him.

Which company posted its first revenue decline in its history?

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Meta, Facebook and Instagram’s parent company, experienced its first revenue decline. Other companies, including Google and Twitter, also posted a revenue decline.

A singer has canceled the rest of his tour because of mental-health challenges. Which singer has done so?

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Pop singer Shawn Mendes said he “wasn't totally prepared for the toll that being back on the road would take on (him).”

The Senate recently approved a package aimed at boosting production of a product in the U.S. Which product is the Senate boosting?

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The "CHIPS-plus” package will help boost computer-chip production in the country and help the U.S. stay competitive with China.

The rest of this week’s shows for a talk show have been canceled after the host tested positive for COVID-19. Which TV host tested positive?

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“Late Night with Seth Meyers” host tweeted out “apologies to our scheduled guests and loyal viewers!”

Disney said it will allow a certain type of ad on its Hulu streaming service after a “thorough review.” What type of ads will be permitted on Hulu?

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Disney will allow ads related to political issues on a “wide spectrum of policy positions.” However, the company said it “reserves the right to request edits or alternative creative, in alignment with industry standards.”

Which airline has bought Spirit Airlines in a $3.8 billion deal?

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If the deal between JetBlue and Spirit is approved by U.S. regulators, the two would come together to create the fifth-biggest airline in the U.S.

Sprite is retiring its green plastic bottles for something new. Instead of the green plastic bottles, what will Sprite sell its beverage in?

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The soda will come in clear plastic bottles starting soon as the current plastic bottles contain green polyethylene terephthalate, which cannot be recycled into new bottles.

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