An Israeli airstrike began this past weekend. Where is Israel sending airstrikes?

David Silverman/Getty Images
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The fighting with Gaza began after Israel killed a senior commander of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant group responsible for mortar and rocket attacks against Israel for years, according to the Israeli military.

Elon Musk has accused Twitter of ________ in a countersuit over his aborted $44 billion deal to acquire the social-media company. What charge has Musk made? (Fill in the blank).

Theo Wargo/Getty Images for TIME
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Musk accused Twitter of fraud — alleging Twitter held back necessary information and misled him and his team about the true size of its user base.

Boxing legend Mike Tyson is upset after a company allegedly stole his life story for profit without compensating him. Which company has a new limited series about his life?

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Tyson called Hulu “the streaming version of the slave master,” adding: “It’s not 1822. It’s 2022. They stole my life story and didn’t pay me.”

Which celebrity remains hospitalized after being in a fiery car crash in Los Angeles?

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Actress Anne Heche is in the ICU “in stable condition.”

The Secret Service gave the January 6 House committee a list of what items?

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The committee was given a listing of agency-issued cell phone numbers belonging to agents based in D.C. Now, the committee can try and determine which agents’ call records to review.

HBO Max is merging with another streaming service by summer 2023. Which streaming service is merging with HBO Max?

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HBO Max will combine with its corporate cousin discovery+

Which U.S. state has become the first in the nation to approve a near-total abortion ban post-Roe?

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Indiana’s Republican Governor signed a bill that prohibits most abortions.

Which country has sworn in an ex-rebel as its new president?

Hunters Race/Unsplash Stock
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Sen. Gustavo Petro — who was a former member of the M-19 guerilla group — is Colombia’s first leftist president.

Which U.S. National Park had to close this past weekend due to substantial flooding?

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In Death Valley National Park, more than six months worth of rain fell in just a few hours.

A French scientist has apologized after tweeting a photo of ___________ and claiming it was a deep-space image of a distant star taken by the James Webb Space Telescope. Fill in the blank.

NASA, ESA, CSA, and STScI via Getty Images
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The photo was just a close-up of a slice of chorizo, a Spanish pork sausage.

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