State lawmakers approved a fast-food worker bill that would give such workers more power and protections. Which state passed this landmark bill?

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The California measure would create a new 10-member Fast Food Council that would work on minimum standards for wages, hours, and working conditions in the state.

The United Nations is seeking $160 million in emergency aid for a country. Which country?

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The United Nations and Pakistan issued an appeal for emergency funding to help this Middle Eastern country deal with record-breaking floods that have killed more than 1,150 people.

A country has placed millions of its citizens under renewed lockdown after there were fresh outbreaks of COVID-19. Which country has millions under a new COVID-19 lockdown?

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China’s renewed lockdown affects about half of the 6 million Dalian residents and an undisclosed number of individuals in Chengde and Shijiazhuang.

A country has temporarily banned all foreign navy ships after a U.S. vessel was denied entry. Which country made this ban?

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The Solomon Islands created this temporary suspension as it works on a new process for approval of port visits.

NASA scrubbed its Artemis 1 mission moon rocket launch. What caused NASA to wave off this big launch?

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One of the main reasons to call off the launch is because crews “encountered an issue chilling down engine number three.”

A massive sheet of ice in Greenland is set to raise global sea levels by nearly _________ by the end of this century. Fill in the blank.

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The findings in Journal Nature Climate Change show that 3.3% of this ice sheet will melt, which would raise global sea levels by nearly a foot.

Authorities in China arrested 234 people involved in this type of scam. What type of scam was involved?

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The bank scam in China involved cheating people out of their savings with the false promise of high-interest rates in obscure rural banks.

A state governor said he will declare a state of emergency for the state’s largest city after the city’s main water treatment facility has failed. Which city is under a state of emergency because of water issues?

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Floods have caused the people of Jackson, Mississippi, to have little or no water pressure in their homes.

A celebrity has opened his first plant-based fast-food restaurant. Which celebrity opened the vegan fast-food restaurant?

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Kevin Hart’s first “Hart House” was opened in California. Its menu features plant-based chicken and burgers.

A snack sold at Target nationwide is being recalled because it may contain pieces of metal. Which snack at Target may contain pieces of metal?

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Market Pantry White Fudge Animal Cookies come in a bear-shaped plastic jug and might be filled with metal pieces.

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