Which former Russian leader has died?

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The last Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev was 91.

A state senate has approved a measure to make kindergarten mandatory. Which state may soon require all kids to attend a year of kindergarten before entering first grade?

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California would become the 20th state to require all students to complete one year of kindergarten.

The U.S. has reported its first death tied to monkeypox. Which state had the first U.S. monkeypox death?

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Texas health officials reported that a “severely immunocompromised” adult with monkeypox died.

A Russian liberal has been sentenced to 15 days in jail over something they posted about Soviet dictator Josef Stalin. What did the individual say about Stalin?

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In a Facebook post, the politician drew parallels between Soviet dictator Josef Stalin and Nazi Germany by saying: “It’s wrong to put an equal mark between them — Hitler was an absolute evil and Stalin even worse.”

U.S. life expectancy dropped for the second consecutive year in 2021. How many years has the U.S. life expectancy dropped?

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It dropped from 78 years and 10 months to 77 years — the last time U.S. life expectancy was that low was in 1996.

NASA has rescheduled the launch date for its Artemis I moon orbit, originally scheduled earlier this week. When is the new launch?

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After launching this Saturday on Sept. 3, the Artemis I space capsule will travel for roughly 40 days, reaching as close as 60 miles from the moon.

European Union ministers debated ways to increase production of which of the following?

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The EU foreign policy chief said they have given “so many capacities to Ukraine that we have to refill our stocks” when it comes to weapon production.

A Federal Reserve official said its new real-time payments system FedNow is to launch as early as ___________. When will FedNow launch? (Fill in the blank)

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FedNow, which has been in development for around a decade and is supposed to allow bank customers to send real-time payments to each other, could come as early as May 2023.

A professional U.S. sports team has purchased a minority stake in the AC Milan soccer team. Which U.S. sports team purchased a minority stake in AC Milan?

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The Yankees will partially own two soccer teams: New York City FC and AC Milan.

A TV show is killing off one of its main characters after the actor left the show following allegations against him. Which TV show is killing off a main character?

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Murray, Jeff Garlin’s character on “The Goldbergs,” will have been dead for “multiple months” when the show’s next season airs. Garlin has been accused of misconduct on the set.

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