Who won Alaska’s special general election for the state’s sole House seat?

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Democrat Mary Peltola — the first Democrat to represent Alaska in the House in nearly half a century — defeated two Republicans, including former Republican Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

The state of Texas, which has been sending thousands of migrants by bus to NYC and D.C., has sent its first packed bus to a new destination. Which new city has Texas bussed newly arrived migrants to?

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Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said: “Chicago will join fellow sanctuary cities “to continue providing much-needed relief to our small, overrun border towns.”

A European country’s top politician said the government is seeking $1.3 trillion in war reparations from Germany for the Nazi invasion and occupation of the country in World War II. Which country is demanding over $1 trillion in war reparations?

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Poland’s leader of the Law and Justice party said it “will turn to Germany to open negotiations on the reparations.”

A country says it plans to challenge a World Bank order to pay over $216 million to a Texas-based fund company. Which country is refusing to pay the World Bank tribunal’s order?

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South Korea’s Justice Minister said the order to pay $216.5 million to Lone Star Funds is an unacceptable ruling because there is no fault in the way financial authorities handled the sale back in 2012.

Which chain plans to close about 150 stores and lay off 20 percent of its workforce?

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Bed Bath & Beyond announced a restructuring, including store closures and big layoffs. It will go back to its original strategy of focusing on national brands instead of promoting its own store labels.

Donald Trump’s Truth Social platform has not been approved for the Google Play Store as there are concerns over a part of the app. What are the concerns about Truth Social?

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Google “notified Truth Social of several violations of standard policies in their current app” and that having “effective systems for moderating user-generated content is a condition” of Google Play’s terms and conditions.

An FBI team is to investigate a massive cyberattack in another country. In which country is the FBI investigating a cyberattack?

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The FBI cyber-experts are heading to Montenegro to investigate the cyberattack on the Balkan nation’s government and its services.

A band member is suing the FBI over any records that may involve him or the band. Which band’s frontman filed a lawsuit against the FBI?

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The Monkees’ only surviving group member, Mickey Dolenz, filed the lawsuit as the band was investigated by the FBI for flashing pictures and messages in protest against the anti-Vietnam war back in the late 1960s.

An individual is suing Netflix for allegedly defaming her in a dramatized series that included her in the story. Which series is Netflix getting sued over?

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Rachel DeLoache Williams is alleging Netflix defamed her in its dramatized 2022 series “Inventing Anna.”

The U.S. head of a fast-food chain claims California's new fast-food bill unfairly targets big chains. Which company head publicly criticized California’s new bill?

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The head of McDonald’s U.S. said the measure “imposes higher costs on one type of restaurant, while sparing another.”

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