Who is the first athlete being featured on Wheaties cereal boxes for its 100th anniversary?

Nyana Stoica/Unsplash
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The Wheaties boxes will star instantly recognizable champions— starting with boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

What delayed the plane White House press were traveling on to the United Kingdom ahead of President Joe Biden’s first overseas trip?

Leon Neal - WPA Pool/Getty Images
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The charter plane was overrun by Cicadas— the noisy bugs that emerged after nearly two decades of hibernation.

Which college received the largest donation ever for a public university?

Alexander Schimmeck/Unsplash
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Western Michigan University received a $550 million gift from a group of alumni.

Inmates in which state have begun to receive special computer tablets as a way to provide educational and vocational training?

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The Department of Corrections’ plan involves giving secure tablets to all inmates at Oklahoma state prisons.

Which Florida republican announced her run against Republican incumbent Senator Marco Rubio?

Stefani Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images
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Val Demings said she’s running for the United States Senate because of “the two simple words, ‘never tired.’”

The host of which television show is leaving?

Jens Kreuter/Unsplash
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Former host of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” Chris Harrison is stepping back from his role after defending a former contestant over racist behavior.

Gucci rolled out a limited edition digital-only collection with which popular video game?

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
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Any of Roblox’s 42 million users can choose to purchase collectible and limited-edition (digital) Gucci accessories.

Which NBA team fired their head coach?

eenah Moon/Getty Images
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The Indiana Pacers fired coach Nate Bjorkgren after only one season.

A man was found after being stuck inside what for two days?

Mauro Sbicego/Unsplash
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The man had climbed into the shaft of a vineyard fan and got stuck inside the farm equipment.

The former CEO of which company must pay a firm $13 million over a diesel scandal from 2015?

Alexander Mils/Unsplash
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Volkswagen said former CEO Martin Winterkorn’s failed to handle the scandal over diesel engines rigged to cheat on emissions tests.

2021-06-14 Smarter News Quiz: Gucci, Wheaties and Diesel Scandals
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