The White House said President Biden will work with Congress to “re-evaluate” the United State’s relationship with a country. Which country was Biden referring to?

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The National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications said Biden is “willing to work with Congress as we think about what the right relationship with Saudi Arabia needs to be going forward” amid the OPEC+ decision last week to decrease oil production.

A former Democratic presidential candidate has left the Democratic Party and has labeled it as an “elitist cabal.” Which former presidential candidate has left the Democratic Party?

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Tulsi Gabbard posted a nearly 30-minute YouTube video attacking the Democratic Party. She said it’s “driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by racializing every issue & stoke anti-white racism.”

A state’s secretary of state office said it accidentally sent postcards to about 30,000 non-citizens encouraging them to register to vote. Which state made the mistake?

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Colorado’s secretary of state office blamed the error on a database glitch.

Israel has announced a “historic” sea deal with another country. Which country has Israel reached a sea deal with?

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Israel’s “historic agreement” with its neighbor Lebanon is a major breakthrough between the two countries, which have technically been at war with one another since Israel’s establishment in 1948.

A country has experienced a major disruption in internet service amid protests. Which country suffered the disruption?

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Many believe the disruptions in internet service are a way to further limit the free flow of information as the protests take place.

Which media company has laid off 26 percent more of its employees?

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After firing more than 14 percent of its employees this summer, Warner Bros. Discovery has laid off 125 more positions.

According to New York’s Health Department, more traces of _______have been detected in New York City wastewater. Fill in the blank.

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The evidence of polio was found in a sewage sample in Brooklyn and Queens.

Which TV actress is expecting her first child?

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“The Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco is expecting a baby girl with her husband, Tom Pelphrey.

Which celebrity coach is leaving “The Voice”?

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After more than a decade on the singing-competition show, next season o will be Blake Shelton’s last.

Which band announced it is reuniting for a new album and a tour with all of the original members?

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Blink-182’s global tour will begin in March 2023 in Mexico.

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