After being locked out of his Instagram and Twitter accounts, Kanye West has entered a deal to buy a social-media platform. Which platform will Ye buy?

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Ye’s acquisition of the conservative social-media platform Parler is set to be completed in the fourth quarter.

Former President Donald Trump bashed a U.S. community for insufficiently supporting Israel. Which U.S. community did Donald Trump say has “to get their act together”?

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On his social media website Truth Social, Trump wrote, “U.S. Jews have to get their act together and appreciate what they have in Israel — before it is too late!”

A streaming service announced a cheaper plan that will include ads. Which streaming service announced a new plan with ads?

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Starting Nov. 3, Netflix is set to offer a plan with ads for a cheaper $6.99 a month.

Which country’s parliament has elected a conservative prime minister?

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Conservative Moderate Party leader Ulf Kristersson will be the new PM of Sweden after being elected by a vote of 176 to 173.

A few months after the FDA gave approval for over-the-counter hearing aids to be sold in the U.S., a company released the first OTC hearing aids. Which company has released the hearing aids?

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Sony’s OTC hearing aids range from $1,000 to $1,300 CRE-E10.

Which movie led the North American box office this past weekend?

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“Halloween Ends” — the latest in the Michael Meyer’s series — brought in around $41.25 million.

Germany has slapped an app with a $5 million fine for failing to comply with German law. Which app got the fine from Germany?

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Germany fined the messaging app Telegram for never establishing a way for “reporting illegal content or naming an entity in Germany to receive official communication.”

After its upset win over Alabama, Tennessee fans stormed the field, knocked down goalposts and marched them out of the stadium. Who has the University of Tennessee asked to buy them new goalposts?

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Tennessee’s athletic department has tweeted out a fundraising post, asking fans to donate to cover the costs.

Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida ordered an investigation into a religious group. Which group is being investigated?

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The investigation into the Unification Church looks to calm public outrage over his governing party’s ties with the controversial religious group.

Before their reunion, members of the K-pop band BTS must do which of the following?

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BTS must serve their mandatory military duties under South Korean law. Many of their fans believe the boy band members should be granted exemptions because of their artistic accomplishments.

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