Which TV actor was killed in a car accident?

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“Will and Grace” actor Leslie Jordan was 67 years old.

The Justice Department has charged 13 individuals with spying for a foreign country. Which country is involved in the Justice Department’s recent charges?

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DOJ charged 13 people who tried to “unlawfully exert influence in the United States” for China.

Ted Cruz’s interview on “The View” was interrupted multiple times. What caused the interruptions?

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A group of women repeatedly shouted what sounded like “Cover climate now!” while the U.S. Senator was speaking.

According to a state report, Hurricane Ian did $1.9 billion in damage to Florida’s _____________. Fill in the blank.

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Hurricane Ian caused over $1 billion in losses to the state’s crops and agriculture.

WNBA’s Brittney Griner appealed her nine-year prison sentence in Russia. How did a Russian court respond to Griner’s appeal?

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The court denied Brittney Griner’s appeal and upheld her sentence.

Which app recently suffered a serious outage?

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On Tuesday, WhatsApp’s outage prevented users from being able to send or receive any messages.

This country's government says 2 million people have been affected by flooding so far this year. In which country are millions dealing with intense floods?

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In South Sudan, eight out of its ten states are currently flooded.

Nineteen products have been recalled due to “potentially elevated levels” of a chemical known to cause cancer. Which type of products has been recalled for this reason?

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Unilever is recalling the dry shampoo aerosol products due to potentially high levels of benzene.

A professional athlete has changed her mind about leaving the sport, noting: “I am not retired,” and chances of a return are “very high.” Which athlete said she’s “not retired”?

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Serena Williams said: “The chances (of a return) are very high. You can come to my house, I have a court.”

McDonald’s has brought back a previously discontinued item for a limited time. Which item has hit Micky D’s menu for the last time?

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The “McRib Farewell Tour” goes now until Nov. 20th.

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