A bust of the Greek god Hermes thought to be 2,300 years old was found in what unusual spot in Athens?

Eran Menashri/Unsplash
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Sewer workers discovered the bust, which was built into a wall. It’s still in good condition.

Which performer partly funded pharmaceutical company Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine research?

Pedro Vilela/Getty Images
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Dolly Parton made a $1 million donation in April to Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s efforts to combat the virus, including Moderna’s vaccine trials.

Bucking a historical trend, women in South Korea now make up 60% of people studying for which career?

Stephanie Hau/Unsplash
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Barely one-third of future South Korean undertakers were female in the early 2000s, but that number is now 60%, despite death often being a taboo subject.

Which U.S. airline will allow its loyalty program members to pay for their pre-flight Covid-19 tests with their airline miles?

Kelly Barnes/Getty Images
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Hawaiian Airlines will mail a Vault Health test kit to passengers. A Vault representative on video then shows them how to collect their own saliva samples.

A Minnesota Vikings wide receiver wore cleats that featured a tribute to which celebrity who passed away this year?

Stephen Maturen/Getty Images
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Adam Thielen’s Alex Trebek cleats included a drawing of the “Jeopardy!” host wearing a halo, and the words, “We will miss you, Alex.”

Hurricane Iota made landfall in which country as a Category 4 storm?

Maynor Valenzuela/Getty Images)
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Two major hurricanes have hit Nicaragua in recent weeks, flooding homes and bringing misery to the Central American nation.

Amazon opened a new website section that allows shoppers to do what?

David Ryder/Getty Images
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The potential market impact of Amazon’s online pharmacy service caused CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid stock to dip.

Which rapper was charged in Florida with illegally possessing a gun and ammunition as a convicted felon?

Max Kleinen, Unsplash
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Federal prosecutors charged Lil Wayne in connection with the December 2019 search of a private jet scheduled to carry him to California. He could face up to 10 years in prison.

When CEOs from Twitter and Facebook appeared in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, what did Republicans accuse them of?

Hannah McKay-Pool/Getty Images
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GOP senators claimed the two companies mishandled the presidential election with politically biased content moderation.

British researchers have concluded that which of the following shows promise as a Covid-killer in a laboratory setting?

Ousa Chea/Upsplash
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Cardiff University scientists say the antiseptic in over-the-counter mouthwashes can kill the coronavirus, but it’s unclear if it would work in humans.

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