Which political party won the House?

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Republicans secured a slim House majority after winning 218 seats.

China’s foreign ministry said their president Xi Jinping was not criticizing another leader after he was seen talking to him at the G20 summit. Which leader did China say Xi Jinping did not confront?

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Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was not being confronted by China’s president.

A city’s elected Democratic prosecutor has been impeached by the state’s House. Which city’s DA was impeached?

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Philadelphia’s District Attorney Larry Krasner was impeached by the GOP-controlled Pennsylvania House over progressive policies he has enacted as crime continues to rise. The impeachment vote was split almost entirely along party lines.

In Los Angeles, a vehicle plowed through dozens of people. Who did the SUV hit?

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Twenty-five LA County sheriff’s academy recruits were injured and five were critically injured in what a sheriff called “a horrific accident.”

A company agreed to a $391.5 million settlement with 40 states. Which company?

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The tech company agreed to the costly settlement in order to resolve an investigation regarding Google tracking users’ locations.

Benjamin Netanyahu, likely to be Israel’s next prime minister, and the president of this country are working to improve their ties. Which country is Israel hoping to improve ties with?

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Turkey’s president and Israel’s next prime minister made the decision on a recent phone call.

A rapper has been arrested and accused of attempted murder in Las Vegas. Which rapper?

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Blueface, 25, is suspected in an Oct. 8 shooting.

A 5.3 magnitude earthquake shook the western part of a U.S. state. Which state?

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The earthquake’s epicenter was north-west of Pecos, Texas, and took place on Wednesday afternoon.

Karen Bass made history when she was elected as the next mayor of Los Angeles. What history did Bass make?

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Karen Bass will soon become the first black woman to hold the position of mayor of Los Angeles.

Singer Mariah Carey lost a trademark dispute with the United States Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. What titles did Mariah Carey try to trademark for herself?

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The trademark and appeal board ruled against Carey after she applied for exclusive rights to the following phrases: “Queen of Christmas,” “Princess Christmas” and “QOC.”

2022-11-18 Smarter News Quiz: House Control, Mega-Tech Settlement and Philadelphia’s DA Impeached
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