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What caused President Biden’s trip to Jordan to be canceled?

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President Biden was supposed to visit Jordan to meet with Arab leaders after visiting Israel in a show of support for the U.S. ally. However, his Jordan trip has been canceled following the deadly hospital attack in Gaza.


Which social-media platform is testing a $1 fee for new users in some countries?

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X CEO Elon Musk has rolled out a $1 fee to new users in the Philippines and New Zealand. It's a test designed to limit the number of bots on the platform.

Which company has teamed up with sites such as Tripadvisor and to battle fake reviews?

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Amazon and various companies are launching a coalition that aims to protect access to “trustworthy consumer reviews” worldwide.

How long has the NFL extended Commissioner Roger Goodell's contract?

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Roger Goodell — who has been Commissioner of the NFL since Sept. 1, 2006 — will extend his term until 2027.

Which country’s government faced a parliamentary no-confidence vote over opposition claims that its handling of the economy and immigration is incompetent?

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The main opposition movement — led by billionaire Andrej Babis — accused the Czech government of failing to deal with high inflation driven by energy prices and a new wave of migration.

Which actor revealed he is going to retire?

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Michael Caine, 90, announced his acting career has come to an end after almost seven decades in Hollywood.

Which of the following has the U.S. Food and Drug Administration taken a "momentous" step toward banning?

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The FDA has been discussing banning menthol and flavored cigars for years to reduce the number of smokers and save lives. The agency has sent a rule proposing such action to the White House Office of Management and Budget for final review.

Tropical Storm Norma is approaching which country's coast?

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Norma formed off Mexico’s western Pacific coast on Tuesday. It's forecast to make landfall by the end of the weekend.

Where will the Pan American Games open this Friday?

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The games will open in Chile’s capital, Santiago.

Why were three airports across France and the Palace of Versailles forced to evacuate and temporarily close?

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The evacuations followed the killing of a teacher in the northern city of Arras on Friday by a suspected Islamist extremist.

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