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Which country’s Prime Minister revealed she separated from her partner after he made sexist TV comments?

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Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has separated from TV journalist Andrea Giambruno after 10 years. The split comes as Giambruno receives backlash for sexist comments he’s made both on and off air.


Why were MTV’s 2023 Europe Music Awards canceled?

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The EMAs were to take place in Paris on Nov. 5, but have been canceled. The organization cited “the volatility of world events,” noting it “does not feel like a moment for a global celebration.”

The U.S. temporarily suspended some sanctions on which country?

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The Biden administration eased sanctions on Venezuela’s oil sector as part of a deal reached between the government and opposition parties for the upcoming 2024 election.

What has NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center predicted about the upcoming winter in the Northern U.S?

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The northern tier of the U.S. is predicted to have warmer-than-usual temperatures with less-than-average precipitation, while the Southern U.S. is predicted to see a wetter-than-average winter with average temperatures.

Which streaming service is raising the price of its premium plan?

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The price of Netflix’s most expensive streaming service is being increased by $2 to $23 per month in the U.S.

Which company and the union organizing its workers have sued each other?

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Starbucks sued Workers United for trademark infringement after the union posted a pro-Palestinian post on X that angered hundreds of customers and damaged the coffee-chain’s reputation. Starbucks said it received more than 1,000 complaints.

Who has New York state prosecutors filed a lawsuit against for an alleged $1 billion in fraud?

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Crypto firms Digital Currency Group and Gemini have allegedly defrauded more than 230,000 investors out of $1.1 billion.

A guided-missile destroyer from which country has shot down multiple missiles in the Red Sea potentially headed toward Israel?

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The USS Carney shot down missiles and drones launched by Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen.

The European Union demanded which two countries detail their efforts to curb disinformation from the Israel-Hamas war?

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The EU demands that Meta and TikTok provide information on how they are complying with its new digital rules, aimed at cleaning up social-media platforms.

Which university’s football program is being investigated by the NCAA for allegedly gathering information about opponents' signs used to call plays?

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The No. 2 Michigan Wolverines allegedly had people attend games of future opponents — along with potential College Football Playoff opponents — to steal signs.

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