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Since his government is involved in a corruption probe, which country’s prime minister has offered to resign?

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Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa claimed his innocence, but said “in these circumstances, obviously, I have presented my resignation to the president of the republic.”


Which candidate has Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds endorsed for 2024 president?

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Iowa Governor Reynolds endorsed Ron DeSantis at a rally in downtown Des Moines.

Who is testifying before Congress on how harmful Instagram is to teens?

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Former Meta engineer Arturo Béjar decided to testify after his 16-year-old daughter receive a negative comment on one of her recent posts.

Which unique ice cream flavor is Baskin-Robbins releasing?

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Turkey Day Fixin’s — a flavor combo of sweet potatoes, cornbread and cranberry sauce — is the company's Flavor of the Month.

“Dancing With the Stars” will dedicate an entire night to which celebrity?

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A Celebration of Taylor Swift” will air on Nov. 21.

Which NHL team has been sued as a second player alleged the team covered up sexual-assault allegations?

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The players claim the Chicago Blackhawks covered up sexual-assault allegations brought against video coach Brad Aldrich in 2010.

Which country's justice minister has gone on trial after being accused of a conflict of interest?

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France Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti allegedly used his office to settle personal scores. He also refused to step down from his role.

Why did the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issue multiple recalls for more than 2.1 million vehicles last week?

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Included in that total were more than 1.8 million Toyota RAV4 SUVs. The cars were recalled to resolve a battery issue that comes with a fire risk.

Which celebrity announced they are joining the cast of "Moulin Rouge!" on Broadway?

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Boy George is returning to Broadway in the role of club owner Harold Zidler.

What team did the No. 1 NCAA women’s basketball team LSU lose to in its season opener?

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Louisiana State University lost 92-78 loss to No. 20 Colorado in its first game of the 2023-2024 season.

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