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How old did President Joe Biden turn on November 20?

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President Biden celebrated his 81st birthday on Monday.


The New York Knicks are seeking more than $10M in damages from which NBA team?

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The Knicks are suing the Toronto Raptors as part of a lawsuit alleging the theft of thousands of confidential files.

At least 14 people are dead after getting stuck where?

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The illegal gold mine in Suriname collapsed on Monday. It is still unclear what caused the collapse.

Which animal in the U.S. is mysteriously being affected by a respiratory illness?

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The mysterious illness in dogs is described as an “atypical canine infectious respiratory disease.” In rare cases, it has turned deadly.

Authorities seized 354 pounds of what at the U.S.-Mexico border?

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The 354 pounds of methamphetamine were found in a pickup truck attempting to cross the border into the U.S. from Mexico.

How many COVID-19 tests is the U.S. government allowing households to order as the holidays approach?

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Each household can order online and receive four COVID-19 tests for free.

One person is dead due to a listeria outbreak linked to which recalled food?

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The CDC issued a warning about a deadly listeria outbreak linked to some recalled peaches, nectarines and plums.

Why is the Department of Education investigation seven U.S. colleges and schools?

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At this point, the department has five antisemitism cases and two Islamophobia cases under investigation at seven different schools.

After posting on social media he was “giving up smoke,” what was rapper Snoop Dogg actually referring to?

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Many people online were stunned by Snoop Dogg's announcement. But he wasn't giving up weed. Snoop Dogg posted as part of a partnership with Solo Stove, a smokeless fire pit brand.

Where were four people seriously injured at a shooting in Ohio?

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The man who walked into a Walmart and began shooting has died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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