What is the name of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's new baby girl?

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The child’s name is Lilibet Diana, which pays tribute to Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, and Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Which male gymnast won the U.S. Gymnastics Championships?

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Brody Malone, 21, won with a 2.75-point margin over the 2017 U.S. champion Yul Moldauer.

Who tested positive for COVID-19 on live television?

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Golfer Jon Rahm had a six-stroke lead when he was forced to withdraw from the Memorial Tournament.

The longtime CEO of which publishing company died?

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Richard Robinson was the longtime head of the children’s publishing company Scholastic.

Which food brand is offering free snacks to aliens?

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Oreo is offering Double Stuf Oreos as a gift to any UFOs as a way to bring all life forms together.

Which chain is closing all US stores on Thanksgiving to thank employees who worked through the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Walmart typically stays open for a couple of hours during the holiday.

Who lent their 1998 Golden Globes dress to their daughter for her school prom?

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Brooke Shields, 56, sent her daughter in the same red strapless gown and shawl that she wore to the awards 22 years ago.

Which YouTuber boxed Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition match in Miami?

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Mayweather and Logan Paul’s exhibition lasted 8 rounds and ended with no winner.

The oldest male chimpanzee in the United States died in which zoo?

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At 63, San Francisco Zoo’s Cobby was the oldest male chimpanzee living in an accredited North American zoo.

What type of natural disaster in Sri Lanka killed 14 people?

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The death toll from floods and mudslides following heavy rains stood at 14 as of June 6.

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