The new Barbie doll resembles which historical figure?

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Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt is the newest doll in the brand's "Inspiring Women" series.

Which controversial figure is releasing a memoir to tell their side of the story?

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After his rise to fame in a Netflix documentary, "Tiger King: The Official Tell-All Memoir" will be published November 2021.

Who is hosting their own combine-style event for draft prospects after the NFL canceled this year’s combine?

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Former NFL player Brandon Marshall’s combine event will live stream on FoxSports.com at 10 a.m. Friday.

Which celebrity will have a seat on financial technology company Square’s board of directors, after the company bought music streaming service Tidal?

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Square, Inc.will acquire a majority ownership of Tidal, which is partly owned by Jay-Z.

The United Nations reported that 17% of what is wasted in the world each year?

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The U.N. report estimates that 1.03 billion tons of food produced globally each year is wasted.

Maroon 5 teamed up with which female rapper for a new song?

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The pop group’s new single "Beautiful Mistakes" features Megan Thee Stallion.

What social media platform has released a new audio chat rooms feature?

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Twitter’s new feature, Spaces, is only available for Android users (as of now).

Which company has committed to reaching carbon-neutral operations by 2040?

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FedEx said it will make an initial investment of more than $2 billion to help achieve this goal.

A tsunami warning was issued for which country after a magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck off its northeastern coast?

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The U.S. Tsunami Warning System predicted waves of 1 to 3.3 feet for New Zealand, but thankfully the threat never eventuated.

Which company drew heat for updating its mobile app icon to an image that drew comparisons to Hitler?

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Some claimed a piece of blue tape near the top of Amazon’s new app logo resembled Hitler's mustache.

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