Who plans to end their talk show in 2022?

Volodymyr Hryshchenko/Unsplash
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Ellen DeGeneres announced she’s ending “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” after 19 seasons.

A British county court issued a judgment against Prime Minister Boris Johnson for what infraction?

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Johnson’s office said the court order about an unpaid debt is “totally without merit.”

Which popular SportsCenter anchor is leaving ESPN after 27 years?

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Kenny Mayne said on social media he was a "salary cap casualty."

Which company’s CEO is writing a book?

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Pfizer CEO Dr. Albert Bourla’s book will tell “an exclusive, first-hand, behind-the-scenes story” of how the drugmaker developed their COVID-19 vaccine.

Which store is being “spun off” into a new company by its owners?

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L Brands is splitting Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works into two separate publicly traded companies.

Shares in China’s largest food delivery platform plummeted when its CEO posted what on social media?

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Meituan CEO Wang Xing posted — then deleted — a 1,000-year-old poem, in a move seen as a criticism of China’s government. His net worth dropped $2.5 billion in two days.

Who is starting their own podcast on Stitcher?

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Seth Rogen’s podcast will feature interviews with people who have unique stories.

Apple is investing $45M in a company that makes what for iPhones?

James Lewis/Unsplash
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Corning, which makes a special glass used on the iPhone 12, will use the money to expand their manufacturing capacity.

The Kansas City Chiefs cut a player who wanted to be paid in what?

Dave Adamson/Unsplash
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Tight end Sean Culkin was sacked after saying he wanted his $920,000 salary paid in Bitcoin.

What is Starbucks new summer frappuccino flavor?

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The Strawberry Funnel Cake Frappuccino blends strawberry puree and whipped cream that is swirled with funnel cake flavors. It’s topped with powdered sugar funnel cake pieces.

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