The famous French Christmas cake called “Bûche De Noël” is shaped to look like what?

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Bûche De Noël means “Christmas log” in French; the chocolate and yellow cake looks like a long jelly roll with a chocolate coating.

What type of meat is not typically eaten on Christmas Day?

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Ham, pheasant and turkey are commonly found on Christmas dinner tables.

When did the tradition of leaving cookies and milk for Santa start?

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During the Great Depression, parents taught their children to show gratitude for Christmas gifts with a tasty snack.

The packaging of which snack, first released in time for Christmas in 1902, also doubles as a Christmas tree ornament?

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The Barnum’s Animal Crackers packet turns into a circus wagon ornament with a string attached for hanging; they were originally sold for 5 cents.

In which country is KFC a typical Christmas Day meal?

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Japanese have flocked to the fast food chain for Christmas due to the lasting impacts of its "Kentucky for Christmas" marketing campaign 40 years ago.

Which is not an ingredient in traditional eggnog?

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Traditional ingredients include milk, cream, sugar, whipped egg whites, and egg yolks; some adventurous party-goers add rum, brandy or bourbon.

What kind of food is typically hidden on Christmas trees in Germany, promising good fortune if found?

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Whoever finds the Christmas pickle either receives an extra present from Santa Claus or is promised a year of good luck.

According to a Swedish tradition, you can use gingerbread to do what?

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The tradition involves crushing the gingerbread in your palm: if it breaks in three, a wish is granted.

For Christmas in 2010, Burger King in the U.K. offered a Whopper with what food that’s commonly found on Christmas dinner tables there?

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The 'Sprout Surprise Whopper' was a limited-time offering that also featured Emmental cheese.

What dried fruit is often added to mulled wine?

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Mulled wine is made with red wine and mulling spices—and sometimes raisins.

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