What is the geographic opposite of the North Pole?

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Earth has two geographic poles: the north and the south.

How many square miles of land surround the North Pole?

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There is no land at the North Pole—only a thick sheet of constantly shifting ice.

What did the first person who reached the North Pole leave there?

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In 1909, Robert Peary reportedly planted an American flag at the North Pole. However, some people doubt he made the trip at all.

Which country’s territory is closest to the North Pole?

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Canadians have the northernmost land; the farthest north you can get in America is Point Barrow, Alaska ,just down the road from a town called Utqiaġvik.

What is the average summertime temperature at the North Pole?

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The mean temperature during summer is 32° F, while the winter average is −40° F.

What happens at the North Pole every year from early October to March?

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Due to the Earth’s tilted axis, the sun stays below the horizon for approximately six months per year at the North Pole.

The North Pole sits in the middle of which ocean?

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Around the North Pole, the Arctic Ocean is almost always covered with about 6-10 feet of ice.

Which animals do not live near the North Pole?

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Penguins cannot be found near the North Pole because their natural habitat is the South Pole.

What competition has been held near the North Pole every year since 2003?

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Since it started, more than 500 people have completed the North Pole Marathon.

What U.S. state has a city named North Pole?

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In the small Alaskan city named North Pole, the spirit of Christmas lives year-round.

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