What actor, dressed as Santa Claus, accompanied Nancy Reagan when she unveiled the White House Christmas decorations in 1983?

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In one of the most shocking White House Christmas moments ever, Nancy Reagan sat on Mr. T’s lap and planted a kiss on his head.

Which president banned Christmas trees in the White House?

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Teddy Roosevelt was an environmentalist who thought cut trees were a “nuisance.” (His son Archie secretly had a small one brought in and set it up in a closet anyway.)

Which president holds the record for having the most Christmas trees in the White House?

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Bill and Hillary Clinton had 36 Christmas trees at the White House in 1997, a number which crushed Dwight Eisenhower’s previous record of 29.

What U.S. president famously worked on Christmas Day every year and expected his staff to show up like every other day?

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When Lincoln was a state lawmaker in Illinois, he once voted against giving state employees Christmas Day off, saying it would be wasting the taxpayers’ money.

Every year since the 1960s the White House pastry chef has created a model of the White House made of what?

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Some white chocolate White House replicas have weighed over 300 pounds; they’re displayed annually in the State Dining Room.

Which president and first lady were the first to decorate the White House for Christmas?

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President and Mrs. Adams held the first White House Christmas party in 1800 and had the entire building decorated for the occasion.

What special guest did Franklin Roosevelt invite to the White House in 1941 to share Christmas with the first family?

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Franklin Roosevelt brought British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to Washington for a Christmas visit — and to plot strategy weeks after the Pearl Harbor attack.

In what decade did the White House get its first electric Christmas lights?

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The first White House Christmas lights came during Grover Cleveland’s administration, in 1894. Before that, Christmas trees were decorated with candles.

What network aired this year’s “White House Christmas” special?

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The HGTV White House special was narrated by Alison Victoria, star of “Windy City Rehab.”

What was it about Melania Trump’s Christmas trees that generated widespread criticism in 2018?

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Mrs. Trump’s colonnade of blood-red trees drove Twitter memes about “The Shining” and “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

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