On which day during the Christmas shopping season do Americans spend the most money?

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Whether you call it “Super Saturday” or “Panic Saturday,” the last Saturday before Christmas is actually the biggest shopping day of the year

Americans buy more of what product at Christmastime than at any other time of the year?

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More than 30% of all diamonds sold in the U.S. are bought during the holiday shopping season, and Christmas Day is the most popular date to get engaged.

What is the most expensive “fantasy gift” in the Nieman-Marcus 2020 Christmas catalog?

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For $345,000 Nieman-Marcus will put you and 5 guests on a private jet and helicopter to a remote Alaskan lodge for 5 days of scenery and pampering.

What kind of present was the most popular item on U.S. women’s Christmas wish-lists in 2019?

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More than 47% of women told pollsters in 2019 that they wanted jewelry for Christmas; Gift cards were men’s top choice.

What is the least likely Christmas song for a retail store to play for shoppers during the holiday season?

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Fast songs like “Jingle Bells” don’t get much airplay in stores because they make people walk faster; retailers know slower-walking shoppers buy more things.

In what U.S. state did the average shopper spend the most on Christmas gifts in 2019?

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The average North Dakotan spent more on Christmas presents than the average American in other states. Mississippians were in last place.

In 2019, how much money did typical American pet owners spend on their dogs and cats at Christmastime?

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Fido and Fluffy got $62 worth of presents and outfits in 2019; high-earning millennials averaged more than $100 on gifts for each cat.

If you receive a gift bought at L.L. Bean or Bloomingdale’s, how long can you wait before returning it?

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Bean and Bloomy’s have the most liberal Christmas return policies in the business: a full year. Amazon’s deadline is Jan. 31 and Apple’s is Jan. 8.

What can you do to cut your impulse-buying by 44%, according to retail studies?

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Researchers have found that walking to a store instead of driving limits impulse purchases of items that shoppers didn’t plan on carrying home

What are you likely to find just to the right-of-center on a store display shelf at Christmastime?

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Retailers put their most expensive items where right-handed people will pick them up first — just to the right of any product display’s center.

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